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First Steps Once You Have One-Off Event Support from SODA

So, your event idea has been approved–congratulations! 🎉 To begin executing your event, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect with your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)
  • If you do not know your OPO, email and we'll introduce you.
  • Ask your OPO when you can attend their volunteer training. Your OPO’s volunteer training program will prepare you to have productive conversations about organ, eye, and tissue donation.
  • Once you’re trained as a volunteer, see if your OPO has any volunteer events you can participate in. Your OPO can also connect you with local guest speakers for on-campus events.
Step 2: Reach out to your school’s Student Affairs office
  • Your school likely has an office dedicated to supporting campus organizations. If you need help identifying who to contact at your school, please email
  • Notify the office of your intent to host an event. They will connect you with campus resources and inform you of any specific requirements for hosting an event on campus.
Step 3: Host your event
Step 4: Share your life-saving impact with us
  • We want to know how many people you educated about organ, eye, and tissue donation and how many people you registered as organ, eye, and tissue donors during your event. Let us know!
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