Activate Students in Your Service Area to Advocate for Organ Donation

SODA's National Team works with the Community Outreach Teams at more than 20 OPOs to support and inspire student advocacy on high school and college campuses across the country. SODA serves as the “student expert” and OPOs serve as the “organ and tissue donation expert”.

SODA provides free support to all OPOs to achieve their student engagement goals. In doing so, SODA removes barriers to student organ and tissue donation advocacy.

Opportunities for Students

SODA partners with OPOs to offer two paths for student organ and tissue donation advocacy. At each step of the process, SODA engages the OPO's Community Outreach Team.

Option 1:
Host an Event

SODA provides grants and resources so students with a few hours here and there can advocate for organ and tissue donation and register their peers as organ donors.

Option 2:
Start a Chapter

Best for students who want to advocate for organ and tissue donation a few hours each week, starting a SODA chapter on campus is a great way to create a legacy on campus with the help of SODA's event funding and resources.

How do SODA and OPOs work together? 

Our student leaders have two advisors: a member of the OPO's Community Outreach Team and a member of SODA's National Team. 

SODA's Role

  • Mentor students to host  events and educate their peers about organ and tissue donation

  • Share guides to lead a successful chapter on our Student Resources page

  • Provide supplies and funding for education events and registration drives

  • Strengthen OPOs' volunteer programs by providing a structured and impactful way for students to get involved in your service area

OPO's Role

  • Train students about organ and tissue donation advocacy through your volunteer training program and provide them OPO-branded supplies as needed

  • Support students and check-in with them twice a semester 

  • Connect students with the local organ donation community 

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