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What is SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates? 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires and supports student-led organ donation education and registration efforts through high school and college chapters. 


SODA supports students because they represent a promising segment of the population to become educated about the critical need for organ donation and to register as organ donors.


Our chapters mobilize organ donation ambassadors and their peers, instill a passion for organ donation that can last a lifetime, and fulfill an unmet need for student-focused organ donation education and registration efforts across the United States.

How do SODA and OPOs work together? 

Every SODA chapter has two advisors: a member of the OPO's Community Outreach Team and a member of SODA's National Team. As SODA and OPO's work together, SODA serves as the "student expert" and OPOs serve as the "organ donation expert". Today, SODA works with more than 15 OPOs nationwide to support high school and college student advocates.

SODA's Role:

OPO's Role:

  • Mentor students to host  events and educate their peers about organ donation

  • Share guides to lead a successful chapter on our Chapter Resources page

  • Provide supplies and funding for education events and registration drive

  • Strengthen OPOs' volunteer programs by providing a structured and impactful way for students to get involved in your service area

  • Train students about organ donation advocacy through your volunteer training program and provide them OPO-branded supplies as needed

  • Support students and check-in with them twice a semester 

  • Connect students with the local organ donation community 

Do you know a student who would like to start a SODA chapter?

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Find a team of three students.


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What chapters are in your service area? 

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