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Get Involved and Save Lives

Don't have a way to share how organ, eye, and tissue donation has changed your life? Missing out on ways to prepare for a career in medicine? Can't find a community and make a difference?

You're in the right place. We help high school, college, and graduate students reduce the organ shortage on their campuses by providing them with the tools they need to save lives (and build leadership skills that look great on a resume). 

Ways to Make a Difference On-Campus

Chapters and Events
Eligibility quizzes and applications are accepted on a rolling basis!

I'm ready to try it out!

I'm all in!

Host an Event

Only have a few hours here and there to advocate for organ, eye, and tissue donation? Hosting a SODA event is a quick and easy way to educate your peers and register them as donors. 



Decide what type of event you want to host. Get some inspiration.


Start a Chapter

Looking to create a lasting legacy and dedicate a few hours each week to organ, eye, and tissue donation advocacy? Lead a SODA chapter on campus with a group of your peers and host events together. 



Find a team of three students and review our resources and expectations.


More of a video person? Watch this. 

Get certified volunteer hours by advocating for organ, eye, and tissue donation!

Your advocacy is life-saving and deserves to be recognized. Host an event or start a SODA chapter and submit proof of your service to get a Letter of Certification from SODA National for National Honor Society, Key Club, sororities/fraternities, and other service-required organizations. 

How Students Make a Difference

Megaphone icon

Educate their peers about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

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Register their peers as organ, eye, and tissue donors at

Meet Some of Our Changemakers

Picture of Morgan with fellow student leaders

"After my mom’s transplant, I knew that I wanted to make the same types of impacts on other people and their families as was made on my own. I decided at that point that I wanted to be a physician. … Transplantation – and SODA – have left [a profound] impact on my life.”

Morgan from SODA at Northeastern University

Join the other 800+ students in SODA's Chapter Network!

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