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Join our Community and Save Lives by Supporting Student-Led Advocacy 

Your donation helps our students host awesome education and registration events like these!

Giving Form

Would you like to make a gift via check?

Please send checks to SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates, 2700 S Jefferson Ave, #2237, St. Louis, MO 63104.

Would you like to make a stock gift?

Celebrate our Founder, Sara Royf, by supporting future founders with the Founders' Fund!

Founders' Fund Logo.png

In 2024, we are celebrating Sara’s 10 years of service to the organization as she transitions out of her role as SODA’s Board President in April 2024 to welcome a new Board President. 

Sara’s vision to help every student save and heal lives will continue. By the end of 2025, SODA will have 100 chapters. This growth means that there will be 250+ new SODA student advocates over the next few years.

To honor Sara’s legacy and support these new student advocates, SODA is launching the Founders' Fund. The Fund will provide support for new chapters and ensure new chapter founders, just like Sara, can quickly and seamlessly save lives on their campuses and develop as leaders. 

You have the power to support future founders by contributing to The Founders' Fund. We invite you to honor Sara and celebrate the next generation of dedicated student advocates. 

Founders' Fund
The Lifesavers

Be a part of the Lifesavers and have a lasting impact with a monthly gift!

Provide our student organ donation advocates with the tools they need to make a life-saving difference and create a foundation for SODA each month by joining the Lifesavers.

The Lifesavers is an exclusive community of supporters who make a monthly gifts to SODA to ensure we're always ready to reduce the organ shortage. 

Join at any level and receive invitations to special biannual events, like coffee chats with our Program Director. 

​✔ $3 per month: Sets of 25 cards with instructions
​✔ $8 per month: Sets of 25 "I am an organ donor. Are you?" stickers
​✔ $18 per month: Flyers to promote chapters and events
​✔ $36 per month: Mentorship meetings for our students
​✔ $50 per month: Grants for student-led advocacy events
​✔ $97 per month: T-shirts to promote SODA and organ donation regsitration

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