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Want to earn certified volunteer hours and save lives?

Get certified volunteer hours by hosting a one-off organ, eye, and tissue donation advocacy event or starting a SODA chapter on your high school, college, or graduate school campus. Here's how:

I just want a few hours of service

I'm ready to volunteer a few hours each week

Host an Event

Only have a few hours here and there to advocate for organ, eye, and tissue donation? Hosting a SODA event is a quick and easy way to educate your peers and register them as donors. 



Decide what type of event you want to host. Get some inspiration.


Start a Chapter

Looking to create a lasting legacy and dedicate a few hours each week to organ, eye, and tissue donation advocacy? Lead a SODA chapter on campus with a group of your peers and host events together. 



Find a team of three students and review our resources and expectations.


Volunteer Hour Form

Already host an organ donation advocacy event or part of a SODA chapter? Submit our Volunteer Hour Form below, and SODA National will email you a signed Letter of Certification that you can share with the appropriate organization or office.

Please submit a new form for each event or date you volunteered at least two weeks before the Letter of Certification is needed.

Be prepared to submit proof of your service (e.g. a picture of you completing your service hours, the materials you created during your service hours, or your volunteer hour log with your advisor's signature.)

Get your Letter of Certification! 

Volunteer Awards for Student Advocates

Presidents Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

The President's Volunteer Service Award is an honor presented to students who have dedicated a minimum of 50 hours to volunteering with SODA or other organ donation organizations over the duration of a single school year.

SODA Service Award

The SODA Service Award is an honor presented to students who have dedicated a minimum of 10 hours to volunteering with SODA over the duration of a single school year. Awards will be distributed in tiers, based on the number of hours completed.
Volunteer Hour Log

Track your hours with our Volunteer Hour Log 📝

Download and print this PDF to log your volunteer hours as you educate your community about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation; register your friends as donors; and save lives! A signed log can serve as proof of your service.

Any questions?
Text SODAGENERAL to 71441

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