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Developing a Relationship with Your OPO

As a leader in organ, eye, and tissue donation advocacy, we will help connect you to your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO).
OPOs play an important role in our communities by allocating organs and advocating for organ, eye, and tissue donation. Every OPO has a Community Outreach Team and serves as an advisor to your on-campus efforts.

As a SODA leader, you will have two built-in advisors: the SODA's National Team and a point-of-contact at your OPO.
Get in Touch with your OPO
When you start volunteering with SODA, we will help you get in touch with your OPO. If you did not receive an introduction, let us know at
We ask that you communicate with your OPO at least twice every semester. Access email templates for contacting your OPO here.
Once you form plans to host an event, let your OPO know. They often have tips and tricks to make the event more effective and can help educate you about organ donation, find local guest speakers, and access additional supplies.
Volunteer with your OPO
OPOs are often looking for volunteers. Let them know you are interested in volunteering, and they might have a way for you to get involved. Here are a few examples of local events:
  • Making blankets for donor families
  • Hosting toiletry drives to create hospital care kits for donor families and transplant recipients
  • Being an advocate at off-campus registration drives
  • Providing clerical assistance at your office
Attend Events with your OPO
If your OPO has a 5K or gala coming up, consider attending! SODA provides grants for ticket costs associated with events.
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