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In-Person Education Events

Ready to educate your peers and community about organ, eye, and tissue donation? Read this guide to begin brainstorming your next in-person education event.

SODA 101
  • ​Activities Fair: Participate in your school's activities fair. Attract students to your table by asking questions like, “Do you know about organ donation?" and "Are you interested in saving lives?". Get their email address or phone number and follow-up immediately after the event.
  • Introductory Meeting: Prepare a presentation to introduce your chapter's leadership team & discuss the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Get to know your attendees through icebreaker questions like, “Why are you interested in being a part of SODA?” and “What does organ donation mean to you?”. Explore our customizable Templates for Social Media Posts, Flyers, and Presentations for inspiration.
  • Organ Donation Training: Your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) should be able to provide organ donation training. 👩‍🏫 Training ensures that you can properly educate other students about organ donation & register them as donors. If you have trouble setting up this training, please email for assistance.
  • Class Lecture: Ask a science or health professor if you can present about SODA and organ donation to their class briefly at the beginning or end of their class. 🧬

Snack with SODA
  • Donuts and Donors: Combine a delicious treat with the opportunity to learn about organ, eye, and tissue donation and register as a donor. 🍩​
  • Pizza and Perspectives: Invite a guest speaker with a personal connection to donation to attend a panel or discussion session. 🍕 Your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) is a great resource for finding local guest speakers! If you need help getting in touch with your OPO, please email for assistance.
  • Bake a Difference: ​Invite your peers to decorate cookies while discussing the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation. 
  • Sodas for SODA: Distribute sodas to students who are interested in learning more about organ, eye, and tissue donation. 🥤
Interactive Events
  • Photo Campaign: In a populated area, have students fill in the blank on a whiteboard or poster board. Example prompts include “I support organ donation because…”, “Organ donation means…”, “I am a registered organ donor because…”. 📸 Post the pictures on your social media and tag @sodanational and your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO).
  • Finger Painting: Write out myths, misunderstandings, & facts about organ donation. Use colorful stamp pads and ask people to use their fingers to paint the statements they think are true with one color and false with another color. After they stamp, tell them what is true/false. 🤳Take pictures and post them on social media.
Better Together
  • Volunteer Events: Contact your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) or National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to learn about volunteer opportunities. 📣 Advertise the event on your campus & wear SODA merch.
  • Blood Drive: Partner with a local blood drive to promote SODA and organ donation. 🩸 Share donation-related information with blood drive participants and provide them with take-home pamphlets, flyers, and other handouts.
  • Door Decorating Contest: Organize a friendly competition for your school or Greek Life community, offering prizes for the class or organization that has the most creative organ donation-related door decorations.
In-Person Education Event Planning Timeline
A few months before the event​:
  • Decide on the event topic, format, and target audience

  • Notify your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) about the event

  • Invite potential guest speakers and propose suitable dates and times

  • Secure a venue if necessary

  • Check the school calendar to avoid conflicts with exams or sporting events

  • Collaborate with other organizations to co-host the event, if desired

A few weeks before the event:
  • Determine what food to serve, such as cookies, ice cream, or pizza
  • Plan marketing strategies to get students interested in attending the event
  • Encourage campus organizations and student leaders to share the event
A week before the event:
  • Promote the event through class announcements, campus flyers, and social media
  • Prepare discussion questions for the event, if necessary
  • Create a sign-in form using the provided sample link:
Day of the event:
  • Arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up
  • Have fun and take pictures
  • Post on your chapter's social media accounts
After the event:
  • Use the event’s sign-in sheet and reach out to students who might be interested in getting further involved with SODA
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