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Virtual Registration Drives

You have the power to save lives, all from the comfort of your home or dorm room. How incredible is that? Hosting a virtual registration drive is not only convenient, but also a chance to increase the donor registry.
Virtual Registration Event Planning Timeline
A few months before the drive:
  • Brainstorm Drive Details: Determine the start and end dates for the drive, we suggest it last around one to two weeks. Avoid scheduling during busy periods like finals or major sporting events to maximize participation.
  • Establish Drive Goal: Set a clear goal for the drive, like achieving a specific number of registrations (e.g., 10 or 30). Ensure the goal is realistic and achievable within the chosen timeframe.
  • Notify Organ Procurement Organization (OPO): Inform your OPO about the virtual event, they may be able to help promote it.
  • Confirm Online Registration Campaign: Find your personalized registration campaign link. If you don’t see your link email
A few weeks before the drive:
  • Create Promotional Materials: Design flyers, sample posts, and graphics emphasizing the purpose, date, and time of the event. Include contact information if someone has questions or is interested in getting more involved in your advocacy efforts. Tag SODA, Donate Life America, and your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). Email those who have expressed an interest in SODA to get involved with the registration drive. Share a flyer with teachers, advisors, and other organizations that may be interested in sharing the message. Ask them to add a slide in their lectures or to send an email to the class/organization with the event information. Ask friends and family to join and have them relay the message to others.
During the drive:
  • Share Social Media Content: Post to your social media feed and stories regularly throughout the duration of the event. Create engaging content that other people can easily share to spread awareness about the registration drive. Make the process for registering clear and easy to follow.
After the drive:
  • Share Event Impact on Social Media: Highlight the impact of your event by sharing success stories, testimonials, or statistics on social media. Use engaging visuals and compelling captions to show the significance of your event and its outcomes.
  • Follow Up with Interested Students: Reach out to students who expressed interest during the event or have shown interest in SODA previously. Personalize your outreach to each individual, sh opportunities for further involvement and the impact they can make by joining SODA.
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