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In-Person Registration Drives

Many of our student leaders are able to set up a table in a busy place on campus during a normal school day or special event. 🌟 Tabling is a great way to register new people as organ donors, educate others about organ donation, and promote SODA!
SODA students have also tabled in their community at state fairs, sporting events, and malls. Consider these high-density places when planning your event.
In-Person Registration Drive Planning Timeline
A few weeks before tabling
  • Confirm you are able to set up a table with your school’s administration: Email your school to see it’s okay to set up a table on a particular day or, if your school has one, use a portal to reserve your space.
  • Let your OPO know you’re hosting an event: Your OPO would love to hear from you! Let them know you’ll be tabling soon so they can help you. If you or anyone else who will be tabling hasn’t already been through their volunteer training program, ask if they will be hosting a volunteer training session before your event.
  • Begin finding volunteers: Set up a sign-up form for people on your leadership team/executive board and general body members to manage the table. We recommend at least two people stay at the table at all times and to break up the tabling time into 1-hour shifts.
  • Set a goal: We suggest that each SODA chapter register 30 people per semester as organ and tissue donors. Make this goal more manageable by making smaller goals for each event. This will motivate your volunteers to talk to as many people as possible. If you’re not affiliated with a chapter, try to register about 10 people at your event.
  • Request more supplies: If you’re running low on supplies (like buttons, stickers, & Lifesavers), submit a request for a refill.
  • Submit a funding request: Do you want to buy a snack to attract people to your table? Are there costs associated with having a table on campus? SODA will help you with these expenses if you submit a request.
💡 Some SODA chapters have volunteer and/or event coordinators on their leadership team/executive board who manage registration drives. Consider adding this role to your team if you need extra help planning and executing your tabling event.
A few days before tabling
  • Send a reminder to your volunteers: In an email or text, remind your volunteers that your tabling event is just around the corner.
  • Invite your friends: Post on social media or hang flyers around campus to let everyone know you’ll be tabling soon.
👀 Looking for volunteers? Ask like-minded student groups that might be interested in helping out (e.g. Blood drive clubs, bone marrow registry clubs, Key Club, APO, HOSA, etc.)
The day before tabling
  • Arrange supplies pick-up: Meet up with the people who will be at the table during the first shift to give them your tabling supplies.
  • Confirm your volunteers: Send one last reminder to your volunteers to make sure they will be able to table during their shift.
Right before tabling
  • Set up your table: Wear your SODA t-shirts, display the blue tablecloth and SODA table runner, and lay out your giveaway items (food, stickers, buttons, Lifesavers, etc.) to entice people to come to your table.
  • Make registering easy: We recommend having a computer or tablet on your table with your campaign pulled up so you can easily track how many people are registering because of your efforts.
🤝 Did you know that, in addition to SODA supplies, you can ask your OPO for OPO-branded or Donate Life-branded materials?
During tabling
  • Keep track of the number of people you talk to and register: Anyone you talk to while you’re tabling counts as someone you educate about organ and tissue donation, and anyone who registers, either using your campaign or any other registry, counts as someone you have registered. We will ask you how many people you have educated and registered at the end of the semester so keep track now!
  • Engage in respectful conversation and answer people’s questions: See our FAQ on how to educate people about organ and tissue donation while you’re tabling. Have your volunteers read these FAQs before they begin tabling so they’re prepared.
  • Take pictures: We love to see your events! Either post your pictures on social media and tag @sodanational or email the pictures to us at
After tabling
  • Clean up your table: Make sure to clean up your space and return it to its original condition. Arrange your supplies to be returned to the person who stores them if they were not part of the last tabling shift.
  • Share your impact with your OPO: Let your OPO know how many people you educated and registered. They’re going to be proud!
  • Thank your volunteers: Your event would not have been possible without the people who volunteered to manage the table and have conversations with your community. Send a thank you email or text after the event to let them know you’re grateful for their help.
✨ Have a superstar volunteer who’s a general body member? Consider inviting them to be part of your leadership team/executive board!
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