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In-Person Registration Drives

Virtual events can be a great way to education people about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation without having to reserve a space or factor in travel time
Virtual Education Event Planning Timeline
A few months before the event
  • Inform your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) of the event. They can attend and/or provide support.​
  • Select a virtual event platform, like Zoom.
  • Create a format for the event, and consider the event's theme. Try to keep the event below an hour to hold the audience’s attention. (Sample agenda: 5 minutes of introductions, 30 minutes for speakers, 10 minutes of Q&A.) 
  • Pick a speaker and host. Remember to coordinate with your speaker & keep them updated. Your OPO is a great resource for speakers, or SODA can put you in-touch with these virtual speakers if you email us at
  • Choose a time and date. Keep in mind holidays & other big events, like exams & sports games.
A few weeks before the event
  • Create a survey to give attendees information about the event and to sign up.
  • Begin promoting your event!
  • Share the event registration link directly over email and text to avoid hackers.
A week before the event
  • Conduct a dry run. Check microphones, cameras, and slides to reduce day-of issues.
  • Create a backup plan. What will you do if the speaker doesn’t show up? What if one of the speakers has technology issues?
Day of the event
  • Sign in 15-20 minutes before the event in case people join early.
  • Have two people running the show: one person running technology and the other person making intro/ensuring the event stays on track.
  • Record the event to share with others after the event occurs.
  • Take screenshots throughout the event to share on social media.
After the event
  • Share the recording of the event.
  • Use the event’s attendance information and reach out to students who may be interested in getting further involved with SODA.
Promoting your Virtual Education Event
  • Create flyers, sample posts, and graphics that state the purpose, date, and time of the event to post on your social media platforms.
    • Tag SODA, Donate Life America, your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), and any guest speakers in posts made for the event!
  • Share your flyer with teachers, advisors, and other organizations that may be interested in sharing the message. Ask them to add a slide in their lectures or to send an email to the class/organization with the event information.
  • Ask friends and family to join and have them relay the message to others.
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