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First Steps Once Approved as a SODA Chapter

So, you’ve been approved as an official SODA chapter–congratulations! 🎉  To kickstart your new student group, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect with your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)
Along with SODA National, your OPO is here to help you save lives. Be sure to:
  • If you do not know your OPO, let us know by emailing and we'll introduce you.
  • Attend volunteer training. Your OPO’s volunteer training program will make sure you can go into your community and have productive conversations about organ, eye, and tissue donation.
  • Participate in your OPO’s volunteer events once you’re trained as a volunteer. Your OPO can also connect you with local speakers for events and more.
Step 2: Become a registered student organization on your campus
Becoming a registered student organization on campus will allow you to unlock your school’s resources. Here’s how to begin the process:
  • High School
    • Identify a teacher or professor who can be an advisor for your organization
    • Figure out what your school requires of a club and what rules you need to follow to ensure you stay in good standing
    • Update SODA National as you go through this process so we can support you along the way.
  • College and University
    • Identify your university's office of campus activities/clubs and organizations/student engagement and the resources they provide to potential new registered student orgs.
    • Figure out when the next round of applications are due for new clubs and organizations on your campus, and what you need to do to kickstart this process.
    • Attend all trainings, education sessions, and meetings you may need to complete the application process, and take advantage of on-campus staff members.
Step 3: Know your resources
If you’re on this guide, chances are you’re already familiar with SODA’s resources for students, but here are the highlights:
Step 4: Begin outreach on campus
Being able to share information about SODA with your school will allow your chapter to grow! We suggest creating a new email address and social media pages with your chapter's name to communicate with your fellow students.
  • Create a SODA email for chapter communications.
    • Having a SODA-specific email address allows you to distribute information to a wider audience without using your personal or campus emails.
    • We recommend creating a Gmail account in the form of soda[university name] or contacting your institution to create an email address like SODA@[schoolname].edu.
    • Creating a Google Drive shared folder with a chapter Gmail allows easy access to shared documents and ensures that future chapter leadership teams can reference your team’s work and accomplishments.
  • Start social media pages for your chapter.
    • Create Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and/or Facebook pages to promote your events at your school and share educational information to reach a larger audience.
    • Follow SODA National for inspiration and so we can “like” and “follow” your chapter's posts.
    • Bonus idea: Consider adding your involvement as a SODA leader on your LinkedIn profile!
Step 5: Plan your first event
The moment we’ve all been waiting for and the reason why you started a SODA chapter 🙌
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