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Planning a Semester of Events

Before the semester starts, we recommend planning out what your events will look like for the entire semester. This helps you stay accountable to your goals of educating 300 students per semester and registering 30 students!

As you plan for the upcoming semester, we recommend hosting a combination of education and registration events. Here are sample calendars,
Fall Sample Calendar
August (National Donor Multicultural Awareness Month)
  • Attend an Activities Fair 
  • Organize donation training with your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)
  • Host an educational event debunking myths & misunderstandings about organ donation
September (National DMV Appreciation Month)
  • Host an Information Session about SODA and organ donation
  • Co-host an event with your local DMV or driver’s ed course
  • Host a Halloween-themed event, like a registration drive with Halloween candy
  • Watch a movie/documentary about organ donation & lead a group discussion
  • Host a Thanksgiving-themed event
  • Invite a guest speaker to share their knowledge about organ donation
  • Host a virtual, holiday-themed event
Spring Sample Calendar
  • Co-host an educational meeting with your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)
  • Host a registration drive at a local sporting event
February (National Donor Day)
  • Contact your local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) to participate in a volunteer event
  • Co-host an event with your local blood donation organization
  • Host a Donuts & Donors event
  • Present about organ donation and SODA at a science or health class
April (National Donate Life Month)
  • Participate in Blue & Green Spirit Week hosted by Donate Life America
  • Host a big celebration for Blue & Green Day (typically on April 14th)
  • Share your impact during a "Year in Review" ice cream social
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