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Tracking Your Chapter's Impact

As you begin to host events, it's important to keep track of how many students your chapter educates and registers. We will ask for these numbers at the end of each semester!

Here are things to keep track of:
  • Social Media Engagement: In addition to your follower count, check the number of people who engage with your posts and stories by liking, viewing, and commenting.
  • Flyers & Handouts: Note the number of flyers, handouts, and other take-home materials that you begin an event with versus the number you end an event with.
  • Event Attendance: Count the number of people who attend each meeting and event. This includes members of your own chapter as well as those who just stop by.
  • Family & Friends: Reaching out to family & friends is a great way to boost your chapter's impact. Encourage your members to share their experience working with SODA with their close connections.
  • link: Utilize your personalized link. It tracks the number of people you register for you! 🤯 Find your chapter’s link here.
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