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Finding Other Students to Join You

Building a strong team to support your SODA chapter will help you achieve your education and registration goals. Here are our top tips for finding other students to join you.
Share Your Ideas and Passion: Connect with friends, family, classmates, and teachers in person, on social media, and via email. 🤝 Ask if they're interested in getting involved or if they know others who might be.

Table at a Club or Activities Fair: Participate in your school's club or activities fair to advertise SODA and the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation. 🫁 Be sure to collect the contact information of students who seem interested.

Collect Contact Information: Create a sign-in sheet for events and meetings to collect the email address and/or phone numbers of students who attend. 📲 After the event or meeting, send a short follow-up message thanking them for attending and keeping them in the loop about upcoming activities.

Strategic Flyer Placement: Post flyers for advocacy events in highly trafficked areas on campus. Target science, health, and community service buildings for maximum visibility. 🧬

Post on Social Media: Share information about your upcoming advocacy activities and open leadership positions on social media. Host a virtual education event or virtual registration drive. 🤳

Highlight Benefits for Participants: Advertise SODA as a resume-building opportunity. Student leaders can gain volunteer hour certification, access test-prep discounts, leadership training, graduation cords, and more. 🎓 Utilize SODA's grant funding to provide free food and incentives at events.

Engage Teachers for Support: Ask science or health teachers to share a quick class announcement about SODA and the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation at the beginning or end of class. 👩‍🏫 

Email Outreach and Newsletters: Insert an advertisement for your upcoming events or meetings into a school-wide or department-wide email message or newsletter. 🤓 Pre-med, nursing, science, health, and community service departments are a great place to start.

Partner with Another Organization: Ask another campus organization (HOSA, Greek Life, Honors Society, etc.) if you can share more information about SODA and the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation with their members. 🫀

Rock Your SODA Gear: Wear SODA supplies (t-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc.) around campus. 😎 This helps raise awareness for your chapter and events.
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