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2 Hearts Tells a True Organ Donation Story

Updated: May 3, 2021

Written by Nicole Poitras, Fall Social Media and Content Intern

SODA President and Founder Sara talks with Leslie Bacardi

2 Hearts is a new movie based on a true story about the gift of organ donation. Two couples a world apart are connected in a way they could never imagine, and find their shared purpose through organ donation.

The film stars Tiera Skovbye, best known for her roles on Riverdale and Once Upon a Time and Jacob Elordi, known for The Kissing Booth movies. In this film, Tiera plays Sam, the love interest of Jacob Elordi’s character. The two college students fall head-over-heels for each other, and everything is perfect...until it’s not.

SODA’s President and Founder, Sara Miller, had the opportunity to interview Tiera before the film was released. Tiera expressed how happy she was to do a movie like 2 Hearts, and stressed the importance of organ donation.

“It is such a wonderful opportunity to give beyond yourself. To be selfless in the act of giving who you are and what works within be able to give that opportunity of life and love and happiness and hope to somebody else,” Tiera said.

To watch the full interview with Tiera, click here

Sara also had the chance to interview Leslie Bacardi, the wife of Jorge Bacardi, who is the lung recipient that this film is based on. Leslie said that high school and college student organ donor advocates should remember their decision to become an organ donor is not only going to impact the recipient. Organ donation is also a miracle for the friends and family of the recipient, because the recipient is able to stay in their lives.

“The gift is not for just one single person...that gift was just as big to me as it was to Jorge. And in turn, from there, it was the same for all of our nieces and nephews, and brothers and sisters, and all of that. Then from there, that group, it extends out into your community,” Leslie said. She also emphasized the importance of organ donation advocacy.

“By us doing this movie, if one person decides ‘Maybe I should become an organ donor, that was a good story…’ so if they become an organ donor, and heaven forbid something happens to them, and they end up donating their organs, then we might have saved a life somehow or another by making this movie.” To watch the rest of Sara's interview with Leslie, click here

2 Hearts is still playing in theaters, and you can get tickets here.

Student organ donation advocacy is more important than ever, and we are so glad to know that Tiera Skovbye and Leslie Bacardi agree and encourage students to get involved.

Interested in starting a SODA chapter on your high school or college campus? Visit our chapters page to get all of the information you need and to fill out a chapter eligibility form!

Interested in making a donation to support SODA’s life-saving advocacy? Visit and make a difference today.

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