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Creating a Positive Team Culture

You want a leadership team that's effective, efficient, and happy! Here's how to encourage people to work hard and play hard. 
Principles and Actions


Flexibility with Structure:
  • Stay flexible while setting expectations for communication and timeliness. 
  • Create a tentative semester schedule of chapter meetings, education events, and registration drives.
  • Review what went well and what didn't after events. Make changes for future activities to improve your outcomes.
Consistent Communication:
  • Keep in touch with chapter members via email, text, or another platform.
  • Communicate with SODA National and your Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) at least twice every semester.
Engagement and Passion:
  • Spread awareness of SODA’s work among peers, professors, and family.
  • Participate in SODA National's nationwide events, including the Campus Challenge, Semester Kick-Off Party, and more. 
Resourcefulness and Boldness:
  • Use funding and supply resources responsibly.
  • Organize events based on student interests.
  • Form relationships with professors and mentors.
Efficiency with Respect:
  • Complete tasks efficiently.
  • Respond to each other's messages in a timely manner.
  • Show appreciation by sending thank-you notes to speakers and advisors.
Communication Tips
  • Clear Meeting Goals: Start all meetings with a stated goal, like "Our goal is to discuss X and decide upon Y" to maintain focus and direction.
  • Structured Leadership Team Meetings: Leadership Team meetings should always have an agenda. Begin with follow-up on previous action items and end with setting action items for the next meeting.
  • Punctuality: Meetings must start on time and end either on time or early to respect everyone's schedule.
  • Reviewing Emails: Important emails to speakers, campus leaders, or stakeholders should be reviewed by the Chapter President or another designated team member. This ensures professionalism and consistency in communication.
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