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Creating a Positive Team Culture

You want a leadership team that's effective, efficient, and happy! Here's how to encourage people to work hard and play hard. 
Principles and Actions
Be flexible but structured…
  • Reflect on how previous events went.
  • Set a tentative schedule at the beginning of each semester with events and drives.
  • Communicate with members consistently by email or another platform.
  • Change plans to embrace opportunities as they arise.
Be engaged and passionate…
  • Share SODA’s work with peers, professors, and family.
  • Pay attention and participate during all SODA events.
  • Actively communicate with SODA National throughout the semester.
Be resourceful and bold…
  • Use funding resources appropriately.
  • Plan events based on which topics will be of most interest to students.
  • Seek relationships with professors and other mentors.
Be fast-paced but respectful…
  • Complete action items on time.
  • Respond to each other in a timely manner.
  • Send thank you notes to speakers and advisors.
Communication Tips
  • All meetings with OPOs and other organizations should begin with a stated goal, which may follow the structure: “Our goal is to discuss X and decide upon Y.”
  • All Leadership Team meetings should have an agenda that begins with follow-up on action items from the last meeting and that concludes with action items for the next meeting.
  • All meetings should start on time and end either on time or early.
  • Emails sent to speakers, key leaders on campus, or other important stakeholders should be reviewed by the Chapter President or another designated Leadership Team member.
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