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How to Start a SODA Chapter

Ready to start saving lives through lots of amazing on-campus advocacy events and initiatives? Starting a SODA chapter is perfect for you!

1. Take the eligibility quiz
Is starting a chapter the right fit for you? Take our quiz to find out.
2. Form a team of three students (you + two others)
  • Talk to your friends and peers about getting involved with your SODA chapter.
  • Recruit your leadership team!
    • Post on social media to your friends and followers.
    • Encourage other, like-minded student groups to promote the opportunity.
    • Ask teachers/advisors if they know anyone who would be interested in getting involved.
    • See our guide on Finding Other Students to Join You.
3. Complete the chapter application
Tell SODA National why you’re passionate about organ donation and how you plan to advocate for organ donation on your campus.
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