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SODA Alumni Reflect As They Approach Major Milestones Together

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Written by Kate Sullivan

Meet Skotti Torrence, a recent graduate of the University of Nevada at Reno and former president of SODA’s UNR college chapter. As a founding member of the UNR college chapter, Skotti became an integral part of the chapter’s success. Join us as we illustrate Skotti’s pathway to success as a member of SODA.

As an aspiring medical student, organ donation had always been of interest to her, as she feels that “there is no reason not to be an organ donor,” Skotti explained. After attending an annual organ donation awareness walk in Reno, she felt inspired to join the organ donation community. She was encouraged by a peer, Andrew, to join SODA, after having witnessed the celebration of the many lives that had been impacted by organ donation and transplantation during the walk.

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After assembling the founding members of their college chapter, she worked amongst her fellow leaders to spearhead the establishment of their SODA chapter. She explained some of the major steps involved in the chapter’s establishment process: being recognized by the university, writing a constitution and identifying an advisor. While their chapter was and continues to be successful, she added that there were obstacles that they overcame as a team.

Having now graduated, she has left the UNR college chapter with leaders who she feels will sustain the success of the chapter and make a difference in the organ donation community. As Skotti moves forward to the next chapter of her life, pursuing medical school with the hopes of enrolling in the Fall of 2021, she plans to still remain active in the organ donation community. As an organ donation ambassador for her local OPO and organ donation group, she plans to volunteer within their organization, dismantle myths about organ donation and get involved in the many different programs offered by the organization. In addition to her ambassador position, she will be participating again in the organ donation awareness walk that sparked her initiative years ago.

Now, as a SODA Alumnae, Skotti conveyed how she still plans to remain active in the UNR chapter. She continues to stay connected to the UNR college chapter and chapter leaders with plans of attending their future events. Skotti remarked how she will miss the people involved in SODA and being surrounded by their passion on a daily basis. She admires how the current members “went out of their way to find a group they could participate with” and all are “striving towards the same goal.” Her remarks were reiterated by a recent UNR graduate and fellow SODA Alumni, Alec. Throughout their lives, the two have watched each other grow and learn from one another. The coming years of their life will not look much different as they are engaged!

Having grown up together and dating since their high school years, they are looking forward to their wedding this month. As their wedding date approaches, the couple continues to work towards medical school and remaining active in the organ donation community.

SODA is so proud of Skotti and Alec! We thank the two for all of their hard work and involvement in SODA as we look forward to watching what they achieve in the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations on both your graduation and engagement!

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