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An Interview With SODA's Director of Student Outreach: Adrianna Doucas

Written by Ellie Henderson, Social Media and Communications Intern for SODA

Meet Adrianna! After starting the third-ever SODA Chapter at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Adrianna learned about the importance of organ donation and the impact that students have on the organ donation community. Her passion for Student Organ Donation Advocates had made her a strong and essential member of the SODA National Team. Get to know more about Adrianna's journey through her time at SODA!

Q: When did you get involved in SODA?

A: I got involved in SODA a few years ago with my best friend during college. We started the 3rd-ever SODA chapter at UW-Madison and this experience opened my eyes to the world of organ donation. The gift of life is a truly amazing thing, and learning about the different roles and efforts made to help donor and recipient families, as well as registering more donors to save more lives in the future is an incredible thing to be a part of. Joining SODA National has allowed me to grow as a leader and support others who share my passion for organ donation advocacy.

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Q: In your own words, what is SODA? What are SODA's goals?

A: SODA is an organization that brings students from all over the country together who uniquely share a passion for making a difference in organ donation advocacy in their community. It fully supports its students so that as a whole we can accomplish our goals of educating people about organ donation, having meaningful conversations, and making a tangible difference by registering more people as organ donors.

Learn more about SODA's story and impact here.

Q: What has been your favorite moment or interaction as part of SODA?

A: I always loved tabling events as a chapter leader myself, but I truly loved my experience with my first brainstorming call as the new Student Outreach Coordinator with SODA National. The chapter leaders and I discussed the challenges and successes to come in a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic and it was a meaningful bonding moment for me as a leader and amongst the chapter leaders.

Want to learn more about SODA Chapter resources? Click Here!

Q: What do you hope chapter members gain from being involved with SODA?

A: I hope chapter members, no matter where their passion comes from, are able to feel that they are making a real difference and are genuinely saving lives. Since I work in an ER, I have been able to attend honor walks to see organ donors go off to the Operating Rooms= to make life-saving donations and it is remarkable. The work we are doing to educate and register makes that difference for people everywhere.

Q: What advice would you give to a student organ donation advocate about getting involved or leading a chapter?

A: I would advise student leaders to have fun with their chapter experience. Each chapter and campus is unique and while we support our chapters in so many ways, we really encourage chapters to make their chapter their own.

Want to support SODA reach more high school and college campuses? Make a financial contribution today.

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