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Sample Website Text for Your OPO's Website

Adding SODA as a volunteer opportunity on your OPO's website is a great way to engage more youth volunteers in your service area. Here is some sample text to add to your website or sprinkle into your volunteer communications.

Sample website text

Education about the critical need for registered organ donors helps to build a strong organ donor registry that has organs ready and available to save lives.
[OPO] has partnered with SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates to reach students in our service area. Students who get involved with organ donation advocacy join a network of students from across the country who are mobilizing their peers to make a difference. With guidance from SODA National and our OPO, student leaders advocate for organ donation. Ultimately, this increased awareness results in more organ donor registrations and saves lives.

Other talking points
Here are some other phrases and benefits that you can add to encourage students to get involved:
  • Save lives in your community!
  • Develop leadership skills that look amazing on a college, graduate school, or job application.
  • Earn certified volunteer hours for Key Club, National Honors Society, and sororities/fraternities. 
  • Be a part of a network of passionate students across the country!
  • Get up to $200 per semester in event funding to advocate on campus. 
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