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Sample Website Text for Your OPO's Website

Mentioning starting a SODA chapter or hosting an advocacy event as a volunteer opportunity on your OPO's website is a great way to engage student volunteers in your service area. Here is some sample text to add to your website or sprinkle into your volunteer communications.

Sample website text

"Education about the critical need for registered organ, eye, and tissue donors is instrumental in building a strong donor registry, ensuring organs are readily available to save lives.
[OPO] has partnered with SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates to connect with students in our service area. Students who are passionate about organ, eye, and tissue donation can join a nationwide network of advocates mobilizing their peers to make a difference. With support from SODA National and our OPO, students can actively advocate for organ, eye, and tissue donation, increasing awareness and encouraging donor registrations, ultimately leading to saving lives."

Additional talking points
Here are additional messages and incentives that have proven effective in encouraging students to get involved in donation advocacy:
  • "Save lives in your community"
  • "Be a part of a nationwide network of student advocates"
  • "Develop leadership skills that will stand out on your resume and Linkedin"
  • "Certify your volunteer hours and apply for the nationally recognized President's Volunteer Service Award"
  • "Recieve exclusive access to 1:1 consultations, group workshops, and test-prep discount codes from the Princeton Review"
  • "Get up to $200 per semester in event funding to advocate for organ, eye, and tissue donation on campus." 
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