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How to Engage Students in Your OPO and Organ Donation Community

Students who host events with SODA and lead SODA chapters are eager to be involved with your local organ donation community. Here are some ways you can involve the students in your service are to strengthen your existing volunteer program and special events.
Ask students to participate in your volunteer opportunities
High schooler, college, and graduate students are often looking for volunteer hours. Here are some possible volunteer opportunities that OPOs have coordinated and our students love:
  • Making blankets for donor families
  • Hosting toiletry drives to create hospital care kits for donor families and transplant recipients
  • Being an advocate at off-campus registration drives
  • Providing clerical assistance at your office
Connect students with your rockstar volunteers
Do you have adult volunteers who are always looking for ways to support your mission? They can connect with students by:
  • Helping students register people at on-campus registration drives
  • Sharing their story at a SODA event
Invite students to your special events
If you have a 5K or gala coming up and are looking for more attendees, students who lead SODA chapters in your service area can attend! Please remind students that SODA will provide grants for ticket costs associated with your events.
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