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Making an Effective Social Media Post

Managing a SODA chapter account can be different from managing your personal social media account, so here are our top tips for making your chapter's feed look amazing and be effective at encouraging others to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors.
Use Hashtags: Hashtags allow social media users to find posts relative to their interests and can interact with other users who share those interests by using specific hashtags. A few hashtags to consider using (that SODA National also uses!): #organdonation, #studentadvocacy, #livelifegivelife, and #savelives.
Tell Stories: Sharing stories of hope and organ donation milestones are a great way to capture the attention of the audience and advocate for the life-saving cause of organ donation. Consider finding stories on SODA’s National blog, in the news, and by surveying your chapter members.
Educate on Facts: Using your social media platform to share facts about organ donation could help save lives. Make sure not to share myths, though, as sharing myths can perpetuate myths. Instead, share facts!
Repost, Re-share, and Re-tweet: Re-sharing posts is a great way to broaden your relationship with OPOs, chapters, and other nonprofits. For example, on SODA National’s Instagram, we repost from accounts such as UNOS and Donate Life America to get the word out about milestones in the organ donation community, stories of hope, and holidays.
Follow Accounts with Similar Missions: It’s helpful to follow accounts that have a similar missionwhether that be student organ donation advocacy specifically or even just organ donation advocacy–to encourage them to follow you back and get inspiration for posts. A great place to start is our guide with other chapters' Instagram profiles.
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