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Finding the Next Leaders

As you approach graduation, it's important to make sure your chapter's future leaders are prepared to take over the mission of saving lives. Here are some tips to help you prepare for this transition:
Questions to Ask While Planning
  • What type of training is needed for our next Leadership Team members?
  • Who is the main contact at our local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)? How have we worked together in the past?
  • Have we written down the different connections we’ve established (e.g. teachers/faculty, OPO, and any other contacts)?
  • What makes us successful donation advocates? What can we do better?
  • What supplies does the chapter still have? Where are they stored?
  • What are our favorite and most successful events? What does the planning process for these events look like?
  • How do we communicate with our chapter members (group chat, email thread, social media, etc.)? How can we pass down our user information?
Tips for Transition
  • Create a “how-to” guide explaining how you’ve planned and hosted events in the past.
  • Have a transition meeting with old and new leaders to share any necessary transition documents, “how-to” guides, and discuss leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Help ensure new Leadership Team members have access to SODA National's communications by confirming with that the new leader’s contact information is updated in our system.
Sample Timeline for Finding New Leaders
Beginning of the Semester:
  • Identify potential new leaders: Begin looking for potential new leaders among committed club members. Focus on selecting individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities and dedication to the club's mission.
  • Start Discussions: Initiate discussions with potential new leaders about their interest in taking on leadership roles. Outline the responsibilities and expectations associated with leadership positions.
A Few Months Before Graduation:
  • Announce Leadership Opportunities: Officially announce leadership opportunities within the club to all members. Encourage interested individuals to apply or nominate themselves for leadership positions.
  • Application and Selection Process: Set deadlines for leadership applications or nominations. Review applications and conduct interviews if necessary. Select new leaders based on their qualifications, commitment, and alignment with the club's values.
A Month or Two Before Graduation: 
  • Transition Period: Facilitate a transition period where outgoing leaders mentor and pass on knowledge to incoming leaders. Ensure new leaders are familiarized with club operations, ongoing projects, and contacts.
A Couple of Weeks Before Graduation:
  • Handover and Support: Officially hand over leadership responsibilities to the newly appointed leaders.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and continued success of the club under new leadership.
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