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Finding the Next Leaders

When it's time to graduate, you'll need new people to continue saving lives on campus with your organ donation advocacy chapter. Prepare for this transition with these tips.
Questions to Ask While Planning
  • What type of training is needed for our next Leadership Team members?
  • Who is the main contact at our local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)? How have we worked together in the past?
  • Have we written down the different connections we’ve established (e.g. teachers/faculty, OPO, and any other contacts)?
  • What makes us successful donation advocates? What can we do better?
  • What supplies does the chapter still have? Where are they stored?
Tips for Transition
  • Create a “how-to” guide explaining how you’ve hosted events and initiatives in the past.
  • Have a transition meeting with old and new leaders to share any necessary transition documents, “how-to” guides, and discuss leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Help ensure new Leadership Team members have access to SODA National's communications by confirming with that the new leader’s contact information is updated in our system.
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