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Marketing Resources Available on Your Campus

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the resources that may be available on your campus to market your chapter's events and activities. This list is not all-inclusive as different campuses have different offerings.

TV Displays
Are there TVs on campus that display your school's current events? Ask if you can list information about SODA on the TV.

Some schools have areas where student groups display banners. See if you can get a SODA banner displayed, too!

Flyer Boards
Flyer boards are the perfect place to advertise your next event. Just use one of SODA's templates, print the flyers, and pin the flyer to the board.

Table Displays
If your cafeteria or dining hall has table flyer tents or displays, you may be able to put information about organ donation on every table.

Student Photography Groups
If your school has a photography club or classes, get in-touch with them to see if a student would like to take pictures of your next education event or registration drive. The pictures will look great on social media, and SODA National would love to see them, too.

SODA National is always available to help when needed, but remember–your school has staff dedicated to running these platforms from an administrative level and are also there to help you with all of your on-campus needs!
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