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A Note from SODA's President and Founder

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hi All,

Welcome to SODA’s blog! At SODA, we believe that activating students to promote organ donation education and registration initiatives has the potential to help reduce the critical organ shortage. Through SODA, students across the country have been launching and leading high school and college chapters, which allows them to share their passion with their peers.

Just one year ago, SODA had three chapters across the country. Today, SODA’s 16 (and growing!) campus chapters nationwide plan organ donation education initiatives and organ donor registration drives with the mission to reduce the organ shortage. 

SODA’s leaders and chapters inspire organ donation miracles. Through spotlights on our social media channels this past semester, we have learned more about our passionate leaders and what motivates them. From pre-medical students to organ recipients, SODA’s leaders each have their own personal and professional reasons for advocating for organ donation. 

We are excited to launch this new platform to share more detailed spotlights about our passionate leaders, organ donation stories from the community, updates on our organization, and submissions from our readers (fill out submission form here). We welcome you to engage with this content and invite you to react to any part of the new blog on social media. 

Make sure to follow us on Facebook by clicking here, LinkedIn here, and on both Instagram and Twitter by searching @sodanational. Also, check for updates on our website

Join us as we work to save more lives through student-focused outreach. 

Thank you,

Sara Miller

SODA President and Founder

SODA's Leadership Team catches up with SODA's chapter at Washington University in St. Louis.


Learn more about SODA’s impact:

“SODA allows me to help save lives even before I become a physician by advocating now for organ donation across the nation and by bringing the conversation about organ donation to students.”

- Terence Tsou, Director of Operations on the SODA National Leadership Team

“Organ donation education and registration, which is what SODA is all about, is important because it pairs something so easy, which is registering as a donor, with something that has a huge impact, which is saving lives.”

- Jadine Sonoda, former Director of Outreach on the SODA National Leadership Team

“It’s incredible to be able to interact with people who resonate with SODA’s mission and to hear their stories. Eventually, you realize that organ donation has touched more people than you may first imagine.” 

- Zoe Engels, Director of Marketing on the SODA National Leadership Team

“Students really do want to get involved and feel like they want to be a part of our community. They know they can make a difference through SODA.” 

- Nicole Antaya, Founding President of the SODA Campus Chapter at Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University chapter members show their support for organ donation advocacy while rocking their SODA t-shirts.

“SODA has given me a stage on which I can support something I've always been passionate about.”

- Chapter President, University of Nevada, Reno

“I am a tissue recipient, and I have loved being able to talk with students who may not know much about organ donation and to educate those who have misconceptions and false information.”

- Chapter President, Marquette University

“My mother received a life-saving lung transplant, and I have wanted to get involved in the organ donation community ever since. SODA has allowed me to be a part of something I know is important and something that can save lives.” 

- Chapter President, Indiana University - Bloomington

“I wanted to start the IWU chapter in honor of my liver donor, Brandon. I want to help spread awareness about organ donation so that people will realize how many people’s lives it can save, including my own!”

- Chapter President, Indiana Wesleyan University

“Being a member of SODA has shown me the importance of believing in something. Organ donation is a decision that can save the lives of others, and it proves that there are people who care.”

- Chapter President, Central Connecticut State University

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