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Editable PowerPoint Slide, Social Media Graphics, and Flyers for OPOs

Our favorite (and FREE) graphic design tool is Canva!  Although it's incredibly user-friendly for those without graphic design experience, SODA National offers templates to kickstart your creativity.
Consider incorporating these designs into presentations at your OPO's community events and school visits:
Be sure to click the "Use template for new design" button in the links above to get access to your own version editable of the templates.
To access all of Canva's amazing features, you'll need a Pro account. Good news–you get access to a free Pro account as part of a nonprofit.
Psst! SODA will also create flyers with your logo, print them, and mail them to you. Request free flyers (and other fun giveaway items).
If you're interested in creating your own graphics, you can access our brand guide and logos to make your designs look amazing.
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