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Maya Weber

UNOS Liaison

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Maya Weber is a Communication Specialist at the United Network for Organ Donation (UNOS).

Maya was first introduced to organ donation and transplant in college when she applied for an intern position at UNOS in 2019. After earning a BA in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University, she accepted a full-time offer to join the UNOS team. Maya uses her expertise in strategic planning, media relations, and content development to make a positive impact on the transplant community. Seeing the connection donor families have with recipients is especially inspiring to her.

She loves living in Richmond and enjoys creating things in her free time, like stained glass or sewing projects. She also enjoys roller skating and loves trying new foods when she travels.

Maya is excited to bring UNOS’ perspective to SODA and to be a part of a network of advocates that continue to unite and strengthen the community, and will forever be an organ donation and transplant supporter.

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