Looking for Something to do this Summer?

Continue your organ donation advocacy outside of campus with SODA's Summer Challenge! Below you'll find a list of challenges for you to continue honing your skills as an organ donation advocate.

If you complete at least three of these challenges, we will send you our new SODA shirt before anyone else has access. If you complete six of the activities, you will win a $10 Bookshop gift card!

The Challenges

  • Read Permission to Thrive or another organ donation book.
  • Volunteer with your OPO or local Donate Life team.​
  • Run a Summer Social Media campaign on your SODA account
  • Host a local SODA event during the summer.
    • Click here to see some event ideas for the summer.
    • Need funds? Maybe some supplies? Apply here to get access to SODA’s event fund.
  • Attend a webinar about organ and tissue donation.​
    • If you sign up to be a UNOS Ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to attend an Ambassador Orientation​
    • The Association of Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation is hosting a webinar on June 9th on the topic of transplantation for the U.S. Undocumented Community. Click here to sign up
    • The Chris Klug Foundation hosts a monthly webinar series. Click here to sign up for their upcoming webinars
  • Sign up to be a UNOS Ambassador.
    • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is the engine that powers the national donation and transplant system. Since our founding, we have worked with doctors, patients, hospitals, advocates, and others to unify this diverse community and save more lives.
  • Watch 2 Hearts on Netflix.
  • Support the Living Donor Protection Act.
    • Did you know that living donors may pay higher premiums or even lose their jobs for taking time off to recover? Join UNOS in asking Congress to protect these generous donors by passing the #LivingDonorProtectionAct! #LDPA #DonateLife
Please fill out the form below to upload your proof of completion on or before August 5th. You can fill it out multiple times as you finish the challenges. 
We're excited to see what you all do over the summer to help advocate for organ donation outside of your colleges and high schools!

If you have any questions about the Summer Challenge, email our team at students@sodanational.org.