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Supporting Student Advocates in the New Normal

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Written by Nicole Poitras, Fall Social Media and Content Intern, and Kate Sullivan, Summer Social Media and Strategy Intern

The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign is the location of one of our newest SODA chapter!

Our high school and college student leaders have returned to campus (virtually or in person) during an unprecedented time. Here at SODA, we will support our organ donation chapters as they navigate the obstacles of the coming school year, which is why we recently launched a campaign called “SODA Supporting Students.”

Our team has been working diligently to ensure that our chapters have the means to continue to be organ donation advocates on their campuses, and we are excited to share what we’ve created.

Hosting Virtual Organ Donation Registration Drives: We outlined here how to host a virtual organ donation registration drive. One of our student advocates’ goals is to register 30 people as organ donors each semester. Chapters can use their customized chapter registration pages to encourage their friends and family to register as a donor.

Interested in registering as an organ donor? Register today by clicking here!

Hosting Virtual Educational Events: We outlined here how to host a virtual organ donation education event. Another one of our student advocates’ goals is to educate 300 students about organ donation each semester. Organ donation education can continue in a virtual environment! SODA also reimburses chapters for new necessities such as Zoom subscriptions.

Encouraging Strong Social Media Presences: SODA has been providing chapters enhanced tips to effectively manage social media. Additionally, SODA launched a social media reimbursement program so chapters can publish social media advertisements about organ donation advocacy and receive reimbursement for this educational and registration-focused content. To view all of SODA’s chapter resources, click here.

The uncertainty of the world has redefined normal for all of us. At SODA National, we hope to assist both high school and college students in their abnormal transition back to campus and to support their life-saving advocacy.

To learn more about our campaign and to view our resources click here.

If you're an OPO and want more information about SODA, click here.

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